Custom made in every detail. And it’s invisible.

Engineered to be incredibly small, iMini is a feat of uncompromising precision that stays unseen. Fitting snugly and inconspicuously in the ear canal with no external components, you’ll forget iMini is even there.

For your ears only.

iMini Hearing Aids SiemensThe luxe, Siemens iMini™ lets you stylishly and colorfully express yourself with the ultimate invisible hearing instrument designed just for you. It’s fun having such a colorful secret. The impressive iMini is all about handmade quality and cool. It comes in beautiful jewel-toned colors that let you convey your true style.

Compared to other miniature hearing aids available, iMini packs in more advanced technology to help you hear your best. So go ahead and wear purple to the interview if you want. iMini—designer fashion for the ears.


  • Miniature size
  • Fits snugly and inconspicuously in the ear canal with no external components
  • Helps self-conscious wearers feel confident
  • Compact form does not sacrifice brilliant sound

iMini Siemens invisible Hearing Aids iMini - production - 276px

Where excellent technology meets art.

  • Individually crafted for best fit and comfort
  • Components positioned with computer-aided design
  • Siemens BestSound™ Technology
  • Comes with a certificate signed by the artist who built it

Prestige craftsmanship in miniature.

  • 12 elegant jewel colors
  • Nano-coated shell for premium look and feel
  • Smooth, comfortable fit and brilliant sheen, even after extended use
  • Easy to insert and remove from the ear canal

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