Oticon Hearing AidsIn Swahili the word Safari means “journey”, which is exactly how your child’s life could be described.

A journey full of adventures, challenges, victories and defeats – but that’s what makes the experience so worthwhile.

Safari is also the name of a complete family of hearing aids that offer unique opportunities to children with hearing loss.

With Safari as a constant companion, children will get the very best out of every stage of their development as they move full steam ahead towards adulthood.

Hearing more of each word

Acquiring spoken language is a challenging task because children need to be able to hear words clearly before they can learn to pronounce them. By capturing most of the difficult-to-hear speech sounds, Safari does more to support this process than any other hearing aid currently available.

The extra high-frequency details that Safari can capture also paint a clearer picture of your child’s environment. With a more accurate perception of people and places they will feel more confident and more secure in the kindergarten, at the playground and at home.

Safari simply supports children with hearing loss to lead an active, playful life.

Extended bandwidth

The impact of extended bandwidth on speech audibility is tangible. With greater access to more parts of speech, children have more opportunities to hear the nuances in speech sounds and accurately reproduce them. Not only does Safari enhance speech intelligibility, the wider bandwidth can enhance the music listening experience. Whether it’s from TV or a MP3 player, music is at the core of today’s youth culture.

Spatial Sound

Safari’s Spatial Sound feature helps preserve naturally occurring inter-aural intensity cues that are important for maintaining spatial awareness. When Safari’s Spatial Sound feature is enabled, the difference in intensity levels is retained and the localisation cues can be received by the ear and brain.

By using binaural processing between the hearing instruments, the child with hearing loss can now have access to localisation cues available to children with normal hearing.

Speech Guard

In Safari Super Power, sophisticated Speech Guard technology applies Floating Linear Gain to preserve the peaks and valleys of the speech wave-form, to keep it sounding authentic and distortion-free. In environments with rapidly fluctuating sound levels Speech Guard maintains the cues in the speech envelope.

Wireless connectivity

Movies, computer games, music and mobile phones can put even the most sophisticated instruments to the test. Signals from external audio sources are best received directly and wirelessly; hence the introduction of Oticon ConnectLine. These smart-looking, user-friendly, wireless and Bluetooth accessories are easy to connect to TVs, PCs, MP3 players and telephones.

The Streamer can also be used as a remote control for Safari – a feature that parents will find particularly useful. It works even when the volume control or programme switch on the instrument itself has been disabled to prevent tampering or accidental changes.

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