Phonak Hearing AidsPhonak are a Swiss manufacturer who are part of the Sonova group. Sonova also own the hearing aid manufacturer Unitron. The head office in the UK for both Phonak and Unitron is in Warrington (next door to each other).

Phonak rank within the top 3 hearing aid manufacturers in the world and their instruments are a particular favourite amongst hearing aid audiologists. Their technology is arguably the best in the world and their product design is innovative.

In the UK, Phonak (Sonova) have a 49% shareholding of Boots Hearingcare (David Ormerod Hearing Centres). There’s a strong likelihood that if you’ve been to Boots, you’ve been recommended Phonak Hearing aids. Phonak have recently launched new products, namely Phonak Bolero Q (Behind the Ear) and Phonak Virto Q (Custom In the Ear).
Beware that some retailers are continuing to sell the old slower models at discounted prices. Products to avoid – Certena Art, Versata Art, Exelia Art and any Audeo that doesn’t have the letter “S” after it (the new model is called Audeo S). We still list these older models on our price list in case of insurance claims etc but we would not otherwise provide these as they are now out of date. Slater Audiology is committed to providing the latest technology at the best prices possible.

Phonak Price List

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